Doing life together.


We know that no matter what journey you are on, doing it with other people is far better than going it alone.


Apart from having more fun in the good times, when we travel with others we get the support and help we need when the going gets tough.


Living a life of faith in this world is one that we do toegther. And while worshipping together on Sundays is a truly remarkable gift, we know that meeting in smaller groups that encourage us in a more personal way. That is the point of Life Groups.


During a Life Group you are more than likely to have a look at the Bible and build on the talk that we have had on the previous Sunday morning, pray for each other. You may just hang out together or organise another time to have a laugh. You might play some games, or just eat. Life Group is about travelling toegther on the road of faith. Doing this thing called life together. So while there may be a set evening you all gather on, it is more than a meeting - it is helping, supporting, and encouraging one another throughout the week, month and year.


There are a number of Life Groups that meet during the week, some weekly and others fortnightly. Some in the day and others in the evening.  We would love you to join one. Get to know other members of the church family and grow in your faith. 


If you want to join one then contact Neil (The vicar) at or fill out the 'Newcomer' form we can go from there.