Worshipping Jesus, Expecting His Presence.





In Psalm 63 David says that he earnestly seeks God, that he thirsts for the Lord.


Why? Because he knows that the love of God is better than life. And knowing this he will praise the Lord's name with his lips with singing. We believe that the Love of God, through Jesus, is better than life and so our informal evening service is we are expectant of the work of the Holy Spirit as we worship with our lips in song and look at God's word.


That is what we are about in our evening service. We are a worship-ful community. Believers bringing their praise to God, worshipping Jesus and expecting to meet with him. Every Sunday we gather to do exactly that. Why not come along and join in. It doesn't matter who you are, you are more than welcome.


We meet at St Saviour's Church from 6:00 PM for drinks. We start at 6:30 PM and aim to finish at 7:30 PM. So if you want a more open time of worship, want to come to another service, or missed out in the morning for whatever reason, come along. We'd love to see.








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